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In 2022 the Marian Devotional Movement spearheaded over 200 "Mary Visits Her Children" Pilgrim Statue Tour events across the country including the Papal Visit Procession. Our Lady of the Cape invites her children to her Domain in 2023! Be sure to visit the Triumph Room at REGINAS featuring many relics of the Saints! Check our the Testimonies HERE

 S H R I N E  M A P

Below is the site plan map for Canada's National Marian Shrine. It includes the location of Reginas and the La Veranda Hotel. For directions to Canada's National Marian Shrine, CLICK HERE

 H O T E L

The Marian Devotional Movement has been coordinating stays for pilgrims at La Veranda. It is in walking distance of Canada's National Marian Shrine. There are a variety of room combinations. All rooms include kitchen facilities.

Contact Claire and mention that Dennis and Angelina from the Marian Devotional Movement referred you. Call 819.376.3133 or by email at

Additional Hotel choice in Trois Rivières are available online.

B R I D G E  O F  R O S E S  M O V I E

The Bridge of Roses (aka-the Rosary Confraternity Movie) is the docudrama supporting the renewal of the Confraternity of the Most Holy Rosary at Marian Shrines throughout the world. Our Lady of the Cape, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary is the story behind the movement. Pilgrims who are not already enrolled in the Rosary Confraternity at Canada's National Marian Shrine may enrol HERE.

It is highly recommended to view the Bridge of Roses docudrama prior to your pilgrimage to Canada's National Marian Shrine.

"It's a must!" The bishop of Trois Rivieres reaction after watching the Bridge of Roses.

A priest discovers a pig chewing on a rosary. What he does next transforms his parish into a national shrine.

Available on DVD or Unlimited Streaming through VIMEO or MDM TV

M E E T  U S  A T  R E G I N A S

Dennis & Angelina Girard, Directors of the Marian Devotional Movement, invite you to a one-of-a-kind pilgrimage experience at Reginas!

Visit and venerate relics of the Saints and the National Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of the Cape. 

C O N T A C T / R E G I S T E R

If you have any questions or plan to visit Canada's National Marian Shrine in 2023, please REGISTER TODAY! 

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